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Global Initiative For Local Prosperity
Non Profit Organization For India and the World.
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Affiliate Program. Earn Rewards.
After registration, while logged in, Press any share button on and automatically share your Affiliate link to Your favorite social network, messenger, Email or website. Earn 5% commission on any donation from your friends. Get massive Commissions from Property or high volume donations. Affiliates get payed in store credit to be able to make purchases and get payed commissions as part of Volunteer Program.

Dr. Manisha Nayyar, Founder of UnieN Foundation



Donation Funds are spends where they are needed the most. Your international Team ensures safety, privacy and professionalism. We work with national and international Organizations. Donations are distributed fast efficiently with maximum impact. We put our members first with great Support service and custom tailored donation options.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Rahul Nayyar, UnieN Foundation

CreditZ Platform - Hybrid Platform - Go Social
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CreditZ is your innovative Hybrid platform, combining social Media with a selection of Tools and platforms. CreditZ is a non profit cooperation. All profits are donated to Unien Foundation. CreditZ features a one of a kind daily Social Reward System for social activity and cutting edge affiliate system.

Sir Frank Jones, Founder, CreditZ Pvt. Ltd.


Donate by post

Name: Manisha Nayyar UnieN Foundation Address: 412-B, 4th Floor, Unitech Arcadia Building, Suite #2957, South City Part 2, Sector 49, Gurgaon 122018 Haryana, INDIA

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